Here's How To Perform Diagnostics Tests On Your Smartphone

(Chia sẻ kiến thức) Running a diagnostic test on your smartphone is a completely worthy thing to do, especially when your phone becomes old and starts showing its age or if you had bought a second-hand phone.

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Even when it is new, sometimes it acts like an old phone and makes you feel about its present condition. When your device becomes less active or less efficient a diagnostic test should be done to exactly pinpoint the problem and then find out a proper solution.  

Don't troubleshoot the various features and try to find out the exact problem. It will show you what is exactly wrong with your phone.

According to all the information and data that is provided, you can understand the problem and try to fix it.

On both Android and iPhones, finding the built-in diagnostic tools can be really difficult. In some devices, you can't even find good diagnostic options. In that case, you can take the help of third-party apps.

There are built-in diagnostic tools.

For Android:

You can find various simple diagnostic tools in the OS which differs from device to device. The tools can be found in the app dialect of the phone by typing the codes.

It's like putting the cheat codes for video games. Just by dialing the code, the menu will be automatically opening. *#0*# hidden diagnostics menu: They have a full diagnostics menu.

Most of the phone's hardware can be run for a check-up. Although it is not applicable to all phones, it can be done for pixel, S9, and others. It is very handy if you have proper access to it.

The tests will help for the proper performance of the phone, especially for the various parts, like the color accuracy and touch recognition. *#*#4636-a#*#*: It will help you to see the various hidden diagnostics menu: It will show you the difference between the devices.

The app usage history, wifi, and the cellular connection can be checked this way. It will also show you the basic phone information.

They should open automatically or else your phone does not have the feature. If your phone does not provide any helpful information you will have to take the help of third-party apps.  

For iPhone:

The check-ups and the DIY fixes can become difficult at times as Apple usually have walled gardens.

The built-in diagnostic tools cannot be found on an iPhone. Details can be found on history and battery performance. Go to settings and then to the battery.

There you will find the performance of your device's battery. The TestM app helps to run a full hardware diagnostics on both android and iPhone devices.

The major hardware functions and the cellular connections are checked through it and the results are also very easy.

They provide recommendations for the repair shops too. It also has an ad-free version. Phone Check and Test mainly helps you to check the hardware and is mainly for android phones.

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