How To Automatically Mute Chrome Tabs When Active Tab Plays Audio

(Chia sẻ kiến thức) Google Chrome is one of the highly used web browsers on mobile operating systems and desktop. It consists of a lot of attractive and useful features. Moreover, Chrome comes with extension support.

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The extensions permit users to modify Chrome behavior and features as per individual preferences and needs.

There are several Chrome extensions present on the web-store. Each of the extensions come with a set of unique and exclusive features. Smart Mute is one of the famous Chrome extension that is useful for muting Chrome tabs when the active Chrome tab plays audio.

How To Automatically Mute Chrome Tabs When Active Tab Plays Audio?

Smart Mute extension is mostly used by people who do not want multiple audio playing tabs at one time. Recently, the Chrome browser has obtained this feature through flags. It is possible to get this feature on the Google Chrome browser. It is handy and convenient to use especially when you are working with numerous tabs and finding hard to determine which tab is playing audio.

Step By Step Instructions To Enable Mute Chrome Tab- New Feature

If you want to utilize this new feature, then you need to make certain modifications to Chrome Flags. Let us find how to enable this smart mute feature in Google Chrome without utilizing any extension.

Step 1: The first step is to open the Google Chrome browser in your system or laptop.

Step 2: After opening, you would be able to see the URL bar. Here, you need to enter Chome://flags. After entering hit Enter.

Step 3: Search for the option Audio Focus Enforcement under the flags. You have to enable this option here.

Step 4: Type Media-session-service. Enable the option.

Step 5: Click the Relaunch Now button, which is your final step.

That's all. You have completed it. These two flags would pause the audio and media from various tabs on the Chrome browser.

It is how you need to enable Smart Mute feature in your Chrome browser.

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